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No wonder Gerald's much more relaxed these days. His mantra is to stay on the right side of the law... but he's also quids-in as the warehouse is both faster and safer.

...and why you should not use a hand pallet truck
until you've read this article.


Hand pallet trucks: we love their elegant simplicity, their 'ready to go' attitude...

But all too often we put them into a situation they were not designed for - an uneven floor, any kind of gradient, a longer-than-usual distance to travel...

Sounds like the real world? That's the problem. These everyday 'difficulties' for hand pallet trucks mean that you are taking a big risk.

Can you handle it?

An expensive court case, a fine, compensation - could you handle it? Could your business handle it?

Handling injuries at work comes in many forms, but by far the most common is back strain from using the wrong equipment. That's why the law in the UK insists that employees are protected by providing the correct equipment for the task. In many cases, using a Power Pallet Truck instead of a Hand Pallet Truck is the simple - and inexpensive - solution.

Source: HSE Manual Handling Operations Regulations - 2004

We're here to help with the heavy lifting

Right now, Mitsubishi are here to help you:

  1. We have produced 'Can You Handle It?' - a free checklist you can use right now - to see if you are at risk. You can download it here.

Right on the money

But for a power pallet to be as useful as a hand pallet, it has to be ready, reliable - and right on the money. That's why so many UK companies choose Mitsubishi models in this key area. Designed to be easier to use, built to last longer, Mitsubishi sets a standard others can only follow.

The law in the UK is very clear on how an employer must provide appropriate handling equipment - or pay the consequences. Over the past few years, more and more British courts have handed down large fines and ordered compensation. By law every UK business must assess this risk and act - or face the cost.

Start handling the situation

If you have a problem there's no time to delay - start right now click here or call us on the Mitsubishi Greenline today: 0845 371 3048

How much effort is needed to use a hand pallet truck?

Independent researchers tested 17 different makes of hand pallet trucks in order to obtain an accurate average across a wide range of manufacturers moving loads of 500kg and 2000kg. The results were conclusive - and shocking.

Starting a 500kg load from stationary takes, on average, an effort of 23.3kg. Increase the load to 2000kg and the force required is 49.6kg - massively greater than official guidelines.

Raising a 2000kg load on a pallet truck is also very demanding - it takes an average force of 35.1 kg (again much higher than the guideline). Even keeping a 2 tonne load in motion - at 30.7kg - exceeds the guidelines by a whopping 53.3%.

Source: Theo Egberts, Buro Andersom

an independent study showed that hand pallet trucks can easily exceed the recomended maximum force for safe manual handling for both men and women. From How safe are your hand pallet trucks? Forklift Briefing

What price do you put on peace of mind?

Owning a PREMiA EM power pallet truck will speed up operations and keep you in line with the law.

UK court orders compensation

Legal cases involving manual handling increasingly common

In one recent case it was found that a worker's lower back injury was caused by a hand pallet truck being used where a power pallet truck should have been. The defendant failed to provide a safe system of work and had negligently forced the claimant to undertake a manual handling operation that risked injury. The company was ordered to pay the worker significant compensation in addition to legal fees and other losses.

What makes a Mitsubishi PREMiA so much better than other models:

  1. Easy to operate
  2. Quick and easy to charge
  3. Excellent value for money
  4. Longer service life
  5. Lower maintenance
  6. Market-leading lift height
  7. Extremely strong construction
  8. Easier to control on gradients
  9. Fewer breakable components
  10. Water-resistant components
  11. Sealed chassis
  12. Self-lubricating bearings
  13. Low energy consumption
  14. Can do many operations a forklift would do
  15. Mitsubishi warranty
  16. Local support if you need it
  17. As an option, PREMiA models can be supplied with panel covers in your company colours or featuring your logo - reinforcing your company brand.

Start handling the situation properly

If you have a problem, there's no time to delay, call the Mitsubishi Greenline on 0845 371 3048.

By changing to a power pallet truck you'll find you're working not only safer, but also a lot faster. Everything that moves from A to B is quicker than before so productivity is a big 'payback' factor that gives you a solid commercial return on investment.

A power pallet truck can boost your business - and quickly pay for itself - by speeding up your operation, getting your outbound goods out the door or inbound goods into storage quickly. Often a forklift truck is freed up for other vital duties. It's win, win, win again.

Free checklist

Exceptionally easy to use

Extensive range

Click here to download this free checklist - an at-a-glance risk assessment to help you.

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